oil and gas drilling/exploration going on now, or planned for the near future in Natchitoches Parish?

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Indigo has drilled a number of recent Haynesville Shale wells in far NW Natchitoches and along the DeSoto and Sabine parish lines.  All west of I-49, Ajax area and south.

Back on May 14, 2020 ---  a drilling rig was on a site location in that neck of the woods (NW Natchitoches Parish, La.)  just S of I-49.  In addition, since then, I have received several offers via Houston TX landmen wanting to buy my mineral rights.   Hope this information helps.  If you hear of any additional news regarding this area, let us know.   Thanks in advance.

Mineral Interest buyers chasing rig activity not a surprise - looks like a multi horizontal well pad by Indigo / haven't seen any completion reports yet .

See link below to Indigo page from their website.


thanks !

Indigo has been leasing in this area for over two years.  They have five completed wells with IP data on SONRIS, six wells drilled and waiting on completion or completed and not yet reported and 7 wells permitted or drilling currently.  These are good wells which is obvious from the number of wells Indigo has committed to the area, 18 in one stage or another in less than 18 months.

Thanks !

How much are these wells producing, for how long, and how much are the companies getting for the oil/gas they develop?

Suggest you get into SONRIS to look at completion and production info.

Haynesville Shale gas play can start off at 20-30 Million CF gas per day / no liquids for the most part. Decline depends on a lot of variables. But it can also start off at lower rates. All area and operator dependent / lots of variables control results.

Wells could produce for 20-30 years of more / but definitely a decline over time.

Gas prices being paid depend on the market and gas contract.

It is impossible to address all the factors associated with a situation like this on this discussion site. One could type pages of comments and still be short on relating all the info


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