I feel like a broken record, but I am going to ask anyway.  What is happening in Sabine? is anyone getting lease offers? if so who from? When will we know the results from the Bengal well? I do not live around there but I remember that awhile back maybe a year ago people said companies had set up offices in Sabine, are they still there?  and has anyone been released yet or anything like that?  sorry for all the questions. My curiosity is getting the best of me :)

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obviously I am just some gal that knows nothing about oil and gas and wells and everything that comes with it.  what are we waiting for exactly with the Bengal well?
Summer, we are just hoping that they made a good well.  It is Crimson's first well in the county and I'm sure we are all hoping it won't be the last.
I'm waiting along for those results with you guys.  I hope there is somthing to celebrate here.  That Hall well was not to good, was it.
Sara, I'm not too disappointed with the Hall well because it appears it was a pure wildcat vertical exploratory with a completion zone of only about 40 feet and still was producing around a half million cu. ft. per day. If it was completed laterally with a 14 stage frac the production figures would have been much higher???.
I agree, Frank.
I agree too, but why would they drill a well like that in that region and not frac it etc.   ??  By the time you spent all that money, to get there, is what I am saying.
They have a bunch of acreage too and only drill a 40 acre unit??????  They leased almost all of it in 2008 and didn't even want 2 year options.  They said, "we won't need them".  I wonder if they wish they had them now?

I assume you two are talking about Endeavor?

I can't offer any insight into what they were planning.  I'm still looking for all the rigs that someone told me would be covering Sabine County by summer. 


I just don't see it happening, somehow, unless EOG and EnCana make a move in our direction.

Encana seems to be hanging around.  I heard EOG was possibly working our area but I don't know much about them.

Devon has permitted on the Skillern Lease to drill a Pettit well in eastern San Augustine County.  It may be significant to the future of their leases in Sabine.  The price of oil is can may be the motivation.  I am starting to sound like Jurasic Exploration.  Where is Cheerleader?

Mike, they completed the #1 well last spring in the Haynesville and then it was shut-in.  It is being permitted to re-complete in the Pettit which would be in the same well, #1, just up hole.  It won't be a new drill.  But it might still be significant if they are able to produce the Pettit.  They must think they can, at least.

jffree, thanks for your insite. 


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