I feel like a broken record, but I am going to ask anyway.  What is happening in Sabine? is anyone getting lease offers? if so who from? When will we know the results from the Bengal well? I do not live around there but I remember that awhile back maybe a year ago people said companies had set up offices in Sabine, are they still there?  and has anyone been released yet or anything like that?  sorry for all the questions. My curiosity is getting the best of me :)

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Crimson's Bengal Unit

what does everyone think about the Bengal well?  good or bad results?


I had hoped for a bigger IP but I will wait until I've seen the official report before saying anything else.  I think ALongview is right... they got some good science out of the well and may have to make some adjustments if they drill another one down here.  We will need $5.00 gas to see much drilling with the sort of results they were talking about in that press release.
Has anyone checked out Kings road? They are drilling two wells one is a disposal well. Don't know what the other is. It is about a quarter of a mile apart.
Are they drilling already or are they building a pad?
Found out yesterday that one site is going to be a large pond. Don't know why they need another one they have one behind the Hankla place down the road. They must be going to drill more in Sabine county.

Just talked to Devon.  They have entered into an agreement with Chesapeake to develop the leases in this area. If Chesapeake decides to drill, Devon will participate.   Hopefully Chesapeake will be very active. 

Thank goodness.  I thought we were the forgotten County in this whole thing.
From what I heard from Devon, Chesapeake is putting together the maps and deciding where they will be drilling. 
Thanks Mike. That's good news.   Chesapeake must like what they have seen in their recent drilling.  It also makes sense from an HBP perspective for both companies to share the upfront costs and then wait til gas prices come back some.
Devon has a lot of land leased over in San Augustine County around 705 and 103.  These leases expire this year so I wonder if this area might be included?
Sounded like Chesapeake has an open door to anything Devon has lease in the area, and I assumed San Augustine would be included. 


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