Jesse Latin Road - What's being constructed there. Just off Hwy 5.

T14N-R14W. I'm not sure which section this is since it's very close to the Section line of 15,16, 21 & 22. But there is a large gravel pad that has very recently been built. Anyone know what is going on there?

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Do the local residents know anything about this new pad? Is this a distribution pad or very large multi well location?


There is a large well pad in the SE corner of section 16, off of Jesse Latin Rd. near the cemetery. I assume that's what you are asking about.

Yes that is what I was wondering about. I couldn't tell if the pad was in section 16 or in 21. So close to the section line.

Eliza, I did not check the Lon/Lat but I'm pretty sure it's in section 16.



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