DCP has drilled a lateral that goes under my land to a well not in my unit.  They did not contact me for permission.  Do drilling companies have right to drill under land without permission?

Also, a driller I am NOT leased with has contacted me about putting a drilling site on a pad and securing a 2200 foot road to location.  I am leased by another company that has not drilled in my unit.

What should I look out for or what is fair price for this 5 acre pad site and road?

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Where have you been Krkyoldhag?  Best I can remember you were originally leased to Samson right?  Somewhere in southern Desoto? 

Samson put in pad, pits, road to move in drilling rig on the Monday they announced they selling to KKR.  KKR never contacted me. When my lease was out released with Rockcliff..must have made mistake because they are drilling all around my unit but not on MY unit or land.  This lease out next summer.

Now have this offer for pad site and access road from another company.  Not sure the aggravation of oil field traffic across my land worth the $$$ and have no idea what kind of $$$ involved.

Also just learned DCP drilled a lateral UNDER my land ...do not know if these people have to pay to do that..no one contacted me about this drilling under land.

Other then that..I am very old and think it a hoot that Kroger's thinks I would shop early in morning for anything.  I go when I want to go.  Thing is I would go whereever..but there not much stuff open to go to anyway.

I am Episcopalian and really needed confession bc I a really kranky thing..but think it bizarre that I can go to Walmart's or casinos or bars but not a church.  

Mostly I just here enjoying my chickens, geese and other animals wishing was getting mail box money.

was this TMI?

Not TMI.  Brought a smile to my face and you are correct on the Walmart and Casinos but not a church.  Good to hear from ya.  Hopefully someone can give you a reply on your question because that's not in my ball park.  Just knew I hadn't seen you for a while and wanted to say hello.

Chesapeake had a pad in one section and production in the adjacent section.  When they added alternates (this year) they paid me (and had a lease) for them to put a lateral under my property.  I have no mineral leases with them and would never have known about the lateral. 


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