we inherited royalties in LA.  where or who do we find a copy of original lease agreement?


g. gray

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In the public records of the parish where the mineral interest is located.  Depending on the parish and the date of the lease a copy may be available online.

thanks. didn't red yours until after i had responded to Bobi.  i'll try company but i won't hold my breath.  Cheaper than driving to parish seat tho.


I would think the company could also provide a copy to you, right?

I hope it's recorded and not a memorandum of lease.  If it is a memorandum of Lease, the attorney who prepared the lease should have a copy.

thanks,  "memo" will be hard to trace i think since wells were drilled in '70s.

otherwise where would it be recorded?  i'm in Texas and have no idea about how this stuff gets where its going in LA.


G. Gray

If it's from the 70's, it won't be a memorandum of lease.

As Skip said, it will be recorded in the Clerk of Court records of the Parish where the property is located.  

Ask jffree1.


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