Does anyone know what leases bonuses have occured recently in Red River.  I have 60 acres in Section 23, 14N, 9W.  I have one offer but it seems somewhat low from what I have heard the last few weeks.  Any info is greatly appreciated.

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There are some very good wells in your area. Here is a sampling of the better ones (and these are really good!) All of these are within 5 miles of your land:

#239551, Samson Contour, 30-14-9, IP = 19,128 Mcfe/day, 22/64 choke, CP 8200#
#238729, Questar, 32-15-9, IP = 20,888 Mcfe/day, 24/64 choke, CP 6500#
#240050, Forest Oil, 18-14-9, IP = 14,829 Mcfe/day, 30/64 choke, CP 4825#
#239902, Encana, 17-13-9, IP = 19,413 Mcfe/day, 26/64 choke, CP 8210#.

I know of at least two recent leases in the 5 figures, although not in your immediate area. The recent leases by the state went for 5 figures, and I believe some were in Red River Parish. Good luck.

Thanks. This information sheds more light on the current offer of 5K. I appreciate your help.

Coach: The two State leases were in 29-32, T13, R10. Was 251 acres that went for $15,618 an acre with 1/4 royalty.Leased by Matador.
One more well.... 31-15-9 also has an IP over 20 Mcfe/day.


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