Is there a lease form available out there that benefits the land owner. In need of one for a good place to start negotiations with Indigo. Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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Hire a good oil and gas lawyer. If you I've in Louisiana, I recommend Summers in Shreveport. He did my leases and I have been quite pleased.  And it is not very expensive. 

  Remember, Indigo has negotiated many leases.

Grant Summers?

Yes.  He was a major help with  negotiating with the Chesapeake landsman and he wrote both leases. 

Ditto on Grant Summers.  You don't need a lease form, you need an exhibit A addendum.  Terms in the addendum will override those in the lease form.  Let Indigo use their lease form and get Grant or one of the other O&G attorneys at his firm to draft an exhibit A for your specific needs..

Ok thanks. Someone I know recommended him too so he must be the man. Thanks. 

Grant and the attorneys in his firm have had many dealings with Indigo.  Indigo's legal department knows the firm quite well.  That is helpful in getting the bs out of the way quickly and getting to the basic mandatory lease terms.  I would decide my priorities, express them and then follow whatever advice he gives.  In most cases there are a short list of beneficial and protective lease clauses that are not included in a standard lease form but can be addressed in the addendum to the lease.

Good to know. I don’t speak lawyer but even I knew this lease was bad. They might as well have owned the land the way it was worded. 

Thanks for the suggestion of Davidson and Summers. They have been very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Indigo has doubled their original bonus offer also. Quite pleased. 


Very good.  And not the first time that has happened.  Indigo knows the firm quite well. 

Happy to hear this.  Hope things go well for you.


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