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As most members know in this GHS subgroup, I've been sharing intel on the Ashland Field and also sharing info on the leasing and drilling by Chesapeake (i.e., CHK) for a number of years.  Indeed, my family's ownership of timber and farmland at Ashland goes back to the 1800's, back to my grandfather's numerous holdings along with my grandmother's family estate. 

Now, as best as I understand it, per having been in touch with numerous landowners in and around Ashland for a number of years per the Haynesville leasing activity (and also having been told the lease status of hundreds of acres of land by my contacts there in an effort to manage my family's mineral-estate acreage at Ashland) -- I've never heard of EnCana or Petrohawk or any of the other big Haynesville operators ever making any lease offers over the last few years.

Of course, like so many in Ashland, my family did have numerous "peanut" lowball offers from the Mark O'Neal landmen who were working for Chesapeake, as did other landowners whom I was in contact with in and around Ashland (over these last few years).

So, if anyone actually did have an offer (in the last few years) to lease their land to another operator besides Chesapeake, would you please post that fact.

Lastly, it should be noted that a few GHS members are probably aware of the fact that there's been a few "top lease" offers per some small operators wanting to ink the shallow rights in the general vicinity, even to the east and south (going back these last few years) -- but as far as I'm aware of, none of the other big "horizontal" boys -- besides Chesapeake -- ever had landmen knocking on doors around NW Natchitoches Parish per the Ashland Field so as to compete for leases (again, as far as I know).

Any help would be appreciated.



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Skip, We (part of the Jinks) around New Ramah Baptist Church s31-T14-7W catti-cornered from  where everything in Ashland is, our (yes we were with Mark O'Neal) and after the minimal offer of roughly 300 an acre 3yrs with a 2yr carryover, they informed me (I called several times) that at this time they were not taking up any more leases. That was roughly end of 2009/2010 - Jan. Hope this helps. I am the one that asked if they drill in one section but they angle diagonally and under another section. Whats to keep them from syphoning the mineral out from under the next section or section diagonal from it.



I'm sure you typed "Skip" as a typo.  Skip, as far as I know, doesn't have family land in and around Ashland.

I'm GoshDarn, a.k.a. -- GD.  I was born and raised in La. and got my undergrad degree from LSU.  I first signed onto GHS back in May of 2008 (first lurking, then becoming a member), long before many landowners even knew about the Haynesville Shale. 

Now, to answer you concern about "siphoning" -- the State of La. regulates the drilling.  And basically, since the focus of the big CHK horizontal wells to date in the Ashland Field has been Nat. Gas shale rock, "siphoning" would be nothing to worry about in regards to "stealing" the minerals from a nearby section since shale rock does not move and the fracking process is limited per the confines of the horiz. (more or less).

Now, that's the short answer.

Also, in the Ashland field, CHK was the unitizing operator for the 8 units, having purchased many of the old previous leases from another operator years back.  So, either CHK would have to pay the landowners in whatever section drilled for the production of NG . . . or CHK would have to pay the landowners in the next-door section if -- IF -- siphoning was an issue.

But it is not.

Finally, there are a number of other issues with CHK's leases (i.e., clauses) and various shenanigans (for those who might not be spending much time watching the news, etc.) -- but those issues are basically mute points if someone isn't presently under lease with CHK (more or less) as of right now.  Yet, there could be a court case at some point in the future. 

Maybe or maybe not.  Possibly doubtful, but that's for some lawyers to decide.

Lastly, hang in there.

The three CHK wells in the Ashland field and the associated pipeline and processing station validates the geological formations.

So, IMHO, now it's sorta a bigger issue of operator cash flow, the price of NG, the national demand for NG, the other more efficient shale plays for the rigs, and a few other complex issues.

Nevertheless, I'll tell you what my dad told me a long, long time ago.

Never sell your land and never sell your minerals (i.e., only "lease" your minerals for a fair and reasonable price to a reputable operator).  And if you have, y'know, say a number of acres, I'd also recommend that you use a good O&G attorney before you ever sign anything.

Finally, there are good landmen and then there are those who are not as honest as some of the real pros who've been working in La. for decades.

Also, the wise will continue to stay up-to-date via GHS (well into the future).

Take care.










CHK let our lease expire about a year and a half ago.  I have not heard anything from anyone else.  Ours was in the Topy Creek field in Bienville Parish.  I have heard smaller operators are after shallow formations and one well is being drilled in the Castor Field or the site construction has started.  There seems to be some pipeline construction going on or the survey is being done by SAM.  I do not know the exact route of the line.  Maybe some one else does. 



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