Leor filed a permit for the Cougar well today, about 5.2 miles N of Apple springs.  depth is 1400 feet, so its conventional.  If they find anything, it will be oily. 

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this is very interesting being so shallow. I wonder if they hit something in deep forestar well that makes them think theres something that shallow?


There are pockets of shallow conventional oil in the area - This well is about 3.5 miles further north than the earlier Leor well.  Its right next to the Mary Richards #1, which I think is producing from the much deeper Glenrose

I am betting that the Mary Richards encountered oil shows (and possibly have logs to support it) while drilling deeper test. Leor has that info and is chasing that target.

Good localized shallow Wilcox oil pays are common in the area.

Leor has permitted a second well near the Cougar, and is filed a permit for a site 9+ miles east of pennington - again, shallow oil targets.  I think they messed up a little on the OGP-Davy Crockett as they attempted to call one large federal tract a unit.

I don't understand - Leor drilled REAL DEEP wells elsewhere & sold out. Then they came in & drilled the extremely deep Forestar. They can't be serious about trying to make shallow oil / gas where no one else has seen anything.  The two wells are virtually in the boreholes of old deeper wells - - ?


I think they are trying to HBP any acreage they can as cheap as they can.  they managed to prove up some deep gas, but it would cost a fortune to drill all of their lease block for it and would be un-economic.  

The shallow oil wells, where the leases allow, would allow for HBP probably cheaper than they could re-lease the acreage.  My crystal ball says these wells have a dry hole cost in the low 80,000 to 100,000 range.  So if they drilled all three, at a cost of bout $300,000, they would hold somewhere in the range of 7200 acres, at a cost of about $41/acre

Well record only completion reports are in for Cougar and Tigris. indicate producing as status but make reference to "disposal". seems there might be a pay zone around 1470 in the wells.

Looked at log in same survey as these wells - perforation depth seems to correlate to the top of a massive (over 400' thick) fresher water sand sequence.

Figure there is either a thin oil cap at the top of this sand or operator is planning to use wells for disposal purposes.


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