Could yall check 17-16n 15w. I thinked they choked this well back even more 4 months after producing. Also could you look at 18 16n 15w. Was this unit choked even further after intial gas contact..also what do you think of these numbers on these units. Thanks guys. Ive been watching these close its cool to know the checks are close. Oh any word on 8 16n 15w. I know its complete and producing but as usually not up to date. Thanks everyone
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YLO, in both cases the choke size was reduced slightly (22/64" to 20/64") after the initial flow potential test. For the Williams 18 H1 Well the reduction occurred almost immediately. For the Woolley 17 H1 Well we can't tell if if the reduction occurred immendiately or 4 months later because there is no interim information. The rates on both wells were very good.

The Woolley 8 H1 Well is just waiting on completion.

By the way, Williams 18 H1 Well had eleven frac stages. I think you had asked for that information in the past and it is now available.
les, thanks alot. u are the man.


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