Minerals for lease in Shelby County-- add yours to list some one may be interesting to lease

Joel White A-774 Survey--- 85 net acres  Minerals in NNW part just south of Batts GU #1H Well contact adubu via message this site

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Maybe we could request a section be added for just this. 

I bet it would drive this sites traffic up a bunch.  More landmen would want to look at it each week.

I have mineral rights in 13 counties of Texas.  In Shelby there are 16 tracts.  We would love to lease them.  

Landmen don't find minerals on GHS.  A client employs a land company and the land company directs their landmen to the particular counties and surveys to lease. The landman finds the owners of those mineral rights in the public records of the county.  We've had a number of landmen join the site over the last month or so.  They are not joining to see who has minerals for lease, they are joining because they are out of work.

Skip -- if landmen joining because they are out of work then what is reason they are joining ?

Many landmen are joining to see where work may be going on.

They are looking for leads on where there might be work.  Looking to see if any land companies have active lease projects.  I've gotten more Linkedin contacts in the last thirty days than I've had in the previous nine months.

Skip -- all you say is true but what is the harm to put out the info you never know it could bring interest

Oh, I think it could bring interest.  But not from a landman offering a lease.

Skip---what type interest could it bring? Good or bad?

In the vast majority of instances the chances of getting a lease from a post on GHS are quite small IMO.  The chance is greater that a member listing minerals may be contacted by someone wishing to buy minerals and looking for a willing seller that is motivated by a financial need.  You might be surprised by how many mineral owners find themselves in a bait and switch ploy after getting their hopes up concerning a promise of money. 

In the case that a mineral owner offering minerals for lease was in an area where leasing was in progress, doing so would pretty much guarantee a low ball offer.  For those who are unaware that leasing is ongoing in their area it is far too common to see mineral owners accepting opening offers.  How would you feel is you accepted a $250 bonus and a three sixteenth royalty only to later discover that everyone else got $500 and a quarter?  I have seen this happen a number of times in areas where leasing is just getting underway.  It is quite common.

My though is that looking for mineral right owners sometimes can be hard.  If we have some place to post our listings and then a landman or someone else starts looking for us they might find us here.  

All of my mineral rights come from my grandfather and great grandfather.  In some cases I might not even know where they are.  If I do I have gone and filed my name as an hire.  Some counties have all of their records listed online now.  But most only go back about 20 years. 

Most of my items date from 1960's back to 1910.   As you know it's digging and digging at that point.   We have mineral Rights in LaSellla county and didn't even know it.  It was in my great grandmothers name.  Now they just drilled two wells on it.  We are just waiting for the pipe line to make it to the area before they start pumping. 

Sometimes finding minerals owners is hard but no one is looking on this website for people. If people are concerned about not being able to be found they need to make sure the public record is clear and shows that they are the owners.  If you don't even know where all you may own minerals I would suggest finding out and making sure the record in that county clearly identifies you as an heir to that property through the public record.

Skip is correct, the only thing you are going to get by posting your information is predatory leasing and people trying to buy your minerals.  Landowners really need to understand that there is no market to lease your minerals until a producer has identified  your area as somewhere that they would like to drill. They make decisions based on geology not on where there is a mineral owner that is willing to lease.  Once identified the O&G Co. contracts with a broker who then puts as many field landmen out there as is necessary.  They are given the area to work and from there it is all public records and production reports.  Generally it is not difficult to find out who the heirs are, it can be difficult to find good contact information for people, but we have many ways, none of which include websites such as this, to find people.  I have a subscription based service that is used by bill collectors, attorneys, etc that pretty much always comes through for me when the usual internet search doesn't work out. 

Rest assured if the public records identifies you as an owner, and we need your tract, we will find you.  I actually have a PI looking for a man believed to be homeless and living under a bridge in LA right now because I really need him to lease.

I have several friends working in Shelby County, and no I don't know what area they are looking at, so you have a better than good chance someone is going to come knocking one day.


Would love to lease my mineral rights in Shelby County.  Contact me through GHS.

I am NOT interested in selling my land or my mineral rights!!!




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