Navidad drilled an AC well in Texas in 2011 and did a classic completion and stimulation of the AC. They pumped 280,000 lbs of sand, 130,000 gal of acid, 44,000 lbs of acid flakes and 80,000 bbls of water. It would be interesting to know the long term production of this well. I don't have any experience with the Texas RR Com website. Any help would be appreciated.

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After rereading the report this was stimulated in Georgetown and Glenrose not AC sorry about that. Still a good protocol.

If I had to guess... I'd say you are talking about the Ferguson Prison Unit #601H. It was originally completed in the Fort Trinidad (Glen Rose, Upper). Navidad sold out to SEM Operating and that well was re-completed in Eastham State Farm (Glenrose), Fort Trinidad, East (Buda), Ft. Trinidad, E. (Edwards) and Fort Trinidad, East (Georgetown).  Five lease ID numbers associated with this well but all production reported under the original ID.

Fort Trinidad (Glen Rose, Upper) - Lease ID #272052: 1,208,272 Mcf; 47,572 BBL

Eastham State Farm (Glenrose) - Lease ID #278871: no reports

Fort Trinidad, East (Buda) - Lease ID #279340: no reports

Ft. Trinidad, E. (Edwards) - Lease ID #279479: no reports

Fort Trinidad, East (Georgetown) - Lease ID #279557: no reports

Thanks jffree, There is no Lease ID number on the report I have. So this must be the well. Their protocol looked good for AC sand pack/frack. Wish Anadarko and Pryme had done a completion like this in the wells they drilled 3-4 years ago  Thanks again.

They drilled a bunch of wells in Houston Co. & Madison Co. 2010-2013 but this is the only hz. completion. Glad to help.



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