It would appear there may be a new well in the LSBD, at least a permit anyway.  Permitted to 10290'.  August 15th from Sonris.  Anybody see anything up there? 

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Any news on new Ankor well T22n,1w,Sec 15?

We'll not hear anything of substance for a while.  Just click on the first link above in blue for the latest state report.

SPUD. 9/20/15, DRILLING AHEAD @ 1780'.

Thanks Skip! As you can see, I'm new at this! Appreciate any new information.

I'll try to remember to post periodic updates.  The weekly rig report should have an entry for the well from now until the rig reaches Total Depth (TD).

It looks like it has an allowable of 7200 assigned for Jan 16.  Also there was an evacuation notice in the general vacinity last week.  Apparently a swabbing unit had a malfunction. I havent been able to find out any other information. 

Ankor appears to be testing various completion designs.  Three stages so far.  I would not read too much into the Allowable.

PERF STAGE 1: 10114'-10174'. STAGE 2: 9988'-10086'. STAGE 3: 9884'-9962'. FRAC/STIMULATE EACH STAGE AS NECESSARY.

INTERESTING...COMP. 12/18/2015: GAS, BROWN DENSE, 1800 MCFD, 593 BOPD, 394 BWPD, 1% BS&W, CK 14, 43 GVTY, GOR 30.35 CF/BBL, PERFS: 9862'-10,086 (ST:10) STATUS DATE 1/12/2016

Good IP.  Yes, it's interesting how the better Brown Dense wells are verticals.  

As much as I'd like to be encouraged by another good vertical completion, operators should not be allowed by the state to form a 1280 acre,two section unit and then hold all those leases with a vertical well.

Nice IP for vertical, but don't be surprised to see a steeper decline due to lack stimulated rock volume.

I agree, Rock Man.  Until an operator can figure out how to drill an economic horizontal well the potential of the Brown Dense will remain unrealized.



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