New Drilling planned for Haynesville, not sure who is all involved in addition to ENCANA?

I heard Encana resuming drilling again. Any others on play in Angelina County-Southern Lufkin?

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I hope you are using Keith's sister site,  I believe your posts are violations of the terms of service for the site due to continued efort to poit out that your mienrals are unleased and available. 

That said, I ahven't heard anything specific regarding new Haynesville drilling.  I can tell you that most folks I work with think any new drilling is mopping up to HBP key areas, modest drilling to keep infrastructure utilized, drilling for cash flow, when rigs are already under contract, or jsut about anything else other than full development drilling or exploration. 


shallow, cheaper oil or wet gas is where its at regionally right now.  who knows, maybe Angelina county can see some James Lime wells.  also, you may be intrested in following us on the District 3 group - the new interest in wodobine may extend into south angelina county....

Will do. I did not realize my posts were a violation so will cease posting inquiries.  I just had Encana try to lease our land in past till we came forward and then the market fell before finalized anything.

Someone was mentioning to me the other day that the Encana drilling is due to a contract they have with a new steel mill in South LA. In other words they have a certain amount of gas they are selling for a set price because the steel mill has signed a contract to buy that amount. It's a win win for Encana and the steel mill but it is a very specific situation and shoudn't lead to widespread drilling over the HA. I could be wrong though.

The units that Encana has proposed in North Louisiana are extremely large, I.E. 1,920 acre units with 7,500' laterals that they say they can obtain 18 BCP EUR.

Whats sections are u hearing?


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