Seven units represent the first HA units in 13N - 7W.  Good Luck.


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what is a salt pillow?
Okay, guys. Who is in a position to check out the day book at the Clerk of Court's office. Once a week should be sufficient. You've waited this long, don't go to sleep on me now! Natchitoches Parish members, are you there? This is just the beginning!
Skip, we are here but a few salt wells that are HBP along the Northern border of Natchitoches parish just ain't gonna get me excited. Until the price of gas goes up and the demand for it I don't see any more interest in Natchitoches.
Anything new on this? I assume the drilling of the water well is in prep for the bigger rig. What other indicators should we be looking for that give us some sense of a timeline to production? Then, what is the typical timeline to seeing royalties should they drill?
Strat0, one of the next signs will be when the well permit is approved and posted on Sonris.
Thanks. I'll keep checking. I understand it could take some time to show on SONRIS. I thought it was already permitted earlier in May, but I haven't seen anything yet.
Recieved letter today dated 6-8-2010 that chesapeake does hereby withdraw its application dated 3-19-2010 for production units in the ashland field of five proposed units which are ha ra sub-suc-sud-sue and suh.These Units ha ra sua-suf-sug and sui are not being withdrawn.Seems the five have already been made units effective 3-21-2006 order no. 1262-d for cotton valley formation.
8 13N 7W is HA RA SUC with the recent permit you mentioned. Do I have this right? Why would they withdraw the application if they are drilling nearby. I hope this isn't a bad omen for 8 13N 7W.
GD On the back of the letter it states ,the proposed units identified as HA RA SUA,HA RA SUF, HA RA SUG. and HA RA SUI on the attached unit plat, are not being withdrawn from the application.These are sections 5,19,20,24.
I just read the letter. They apparently are wishing to withdraw the HA designation from the five sections that were previously unitized as CV units in 2006. Apparently they can just use the previous designation of CV to define the shale zones. I thought the DNR had stopped this practice a year or so ago and was forcing the operators to unitize the HA seperately. I guess Chesapeake found a way around it.

Either way, according to how I interpreted it, it doesn't seem that this will affect their interest in the area at all. Just a labeling issue.
Maybe Les B will comment. I believe that he has written about this in the past.
Highwayman, because the Cotton Valley Units were formed in 2006 they are not affected by the 2008 order. The Cotton Valley Units for the five sections in question include both the Bossier Shale and Haynesville Shale in addition to the Cotton Valley Formation. So Chesapeake can drill and complete wells under those unit designations. They also have the option to define the Cotton Valley Units to exclude the two shale formation and apply for new Haynesville Units. This has been done by some operators (ie Questar) in other parts of the play.

S7-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUE Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish
S8-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUD Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish
S17-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUC Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish
S18-T13N-R7W, CV RA SUA Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish
S13-T13N-R8W, CV RA SUB Unit, Chesapeake, Ashland Field, Natchitoches Parish



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