District 3 Shalers,

I have heard that Ergon is leasing north Tyler County (north of the Brookeland Field) and is targeting the Woodbine formation. Initial offer is $250 per acre with a 25% royalty. I haven't received an offer, but a landowner adjacent to my tract was offered a lease which he turned down as too low. Blackstone Minerals (old W.T. Carter Family) has substantial mineral acreage in the area (area of interest is north of Chester), and these offers appear to be for smaller mineral tracts. 

Any supporting information would be appreciated. I'm somewhat surprised that the Woodbine interest has extended into north Tyler (I knew that there was some activity in Polk and Jasper Counties).


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If its on or near the Edwards shelf margin, its got potential.  I don't have any handy, but you might see if you can find a map of the shelf and figure out where you are relative to it.  Has the Austin Chalk been productive on your property?

What abstract are you in?

8,500 acres...sounds large to have been kept relatively quiet; maybe state or national forest lands make up a lot of it?


KEW has held that acreage position for a while and they try to sell it at NAPE every year. 

Eaglebine is ‘the next thing’ for drilling companies

South Texas: Eagle Ford Shale boom fuels ‘madhouse’

The so-called “Eaglebine” is generally described as anything located below the Austin Chalk and above the Buda Limestone, said Thomas Bowman, vice president of evaluation geology and geophysics with the Houston-based ZaZa Energy Corp. Bowman spoke Wednesday at a technology workshop for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists at the Hotel Contessa.

“We have been drilling wells and other people have as well,” Bowman said. “It is the extension (of the Eagle Ford Shale). It is the next thing.”

(see article for map)

The Eaglebine includes both the Eagle Ford Shale and the Woodbine Sandstone, the reservoir famously drilled in the 1930s during the discovery of the giant East Texas Field.

Activity appears to be concentrated primarily in Brazos, Madison, Walker and Grimes counties.

But Bowman said operators, which include ZaZa Energy, Crimson Energy, Encana Corp., Halcón Resources and EOG Resources, so far are keeping well results mostly quiet, with development in the early stages.

“This is everything you want except for six months of production,” Bowman said.


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