So, it 100p on June 25, 2009 and Obama has just given the synopsis of his energy bill that is going through the House right now.
Not one mention of how clean natural gas is and that natural gas is the clean fuel. In fact he never mentions natural gas at all. He wants to build windmills....
Natural gas prices have gone down hill since he is unwilling to speak out about the massive amounts of reserve we have in the shale and other places.
So, where does this leave us now? And natural gas prices?

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Very nice thread, and as usual you make some good common sense (no pun intented). It is very good to see people breaking down the exact meaning of my words and not the content in which I used them. That tells me it's much harder to argue the content of what I'm saying, rather than the words I used in my content.

Make sense?
Just like in some countries around the world, people in the same country can not communicate because of language barriers. The language I speak is one that reaches out conservatives, so my concern is that they understand me and my approach, which for the most part they do.

You interpret my language different, because your views tell you so.
It much easier to tell somebody like me you don't understand them or their point, as oppose to arguing with them. I have come to accept that fact. To me it's a clear sign I'm winning the debate, when they say they don't understand me, or I don't make sense. It allows them to leave the debate without answering the question or without losing face. That's an old tactic used by many.
I leave alone barriers I can't break down. I'm a realist, no since in trying to get the gang of five on board. They have set up their own barriers, with only one difference, they won't admit it.

Thanks for the reminder.

If that's the case and people are utimately responsible for it. Why aren't they resposible for their own health care.
Lol, good point, just most of their long posts go in circles....hence the name "spin"

Love this! and even more so since the Cap and Tax bill.....although this is lengthy it has a zing to it!

Fox News Breaks Records on Cable News

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 10:38 AM

By: Jim Meyers Article Font Size

The Fox News Channel is having its best year ever and aired all 10 of the top-rated cable news shows in the second quarter of 2009.

"Since Obama came into office, Fox has continued not only winning, but doing so at unprecedented levels," Michael Calderone noted on Politico.

Fox showed a 33 percent rise in total viewers last quarter compared to the second quarter of 2008, and a 54 percent increase in younger viewers for its primetime weekday shows.

The biggest gainer on Fox was Glenn Beck.

"Beck, who takes aim at the administration repeatedly, is proving an even bigger draw since coming over from HLN: His 5 p.m. slot is up 110 percent from last year," Calderone disclosed.

TVNewser reported the average daily viewership for the top 10 cable news shows, all of them on Fox:

# 8 p.m. – "The O'Reilly Factor" — 3,188,000

# 9 p.m. – "Hannity" — 2,341,000

# 5 p.m. – "Glenn Beck" — 2,053,000

# 10 p.m. – "On the Record" — 1,950,000

# 6 p.m. – "Special Report" — 1,889,000

# 7 p.m. – "Fox Report" — 1,757,000

# 11 p.m. – "The O'Reilly Factor" — 1,579,000

# 9 a.m. – "America's Newsroom" — 1,399,000

# 4 p.m. – "Your World" — 1,389,000

# 3 p.m. – "Studio B" — 1,169,000

The cable news show on other networks that came closest to cracking the top 10 was MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," which had 1,159,000 nightly viewers during the second quarter.

© 2009 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the info. Keep that stuff coming, it's very encouraging. You didn't miss much on the morning shift, just a couple of goony birds fell out of the nest. Let me know how the night shift goes.

Your approach to me, is screwing me up. I do like it though, it has a calming affect. You know it's difficult for me to respond when I can't do it with anger, take away the anger, and you screw me up. In other words, your not feeding my wolf anymore. I think we are hitting a thresh hold where you have learned to tame my bad half, congratualtions! You are lifting the barriers. You have in the last month been nothing short of fantastic to me, and I thank you for it.
Oh KB,
How is one to hold a job and pay for his own health care if he is ilterate. Do you take care of health insurance the rest of his life, even if he is not interested in working. Who makes that decision and when.
I don't mind picking up my fellow man, and teaching him to walk. But at some point I must let him go, and he must walk.
How about you get a job, or you starve to death in a cardboard box.

Sounds like incentive to me.


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