Our old BEUSA, Energy Lease was Purchased by Petro Hawk Now What

I just learned from my aunt in Louisiana that Petro Hawk bought out the old BEUSA, Energy lease from my family and they want to pay us $2,500 per acre to cut through our land in an effort to place wells elsewhere. They are asking for 3.8 or 4.8 acres to cut through. They also want to drill horizontally. I am not an expert in this topic, but this doesn’t sound right does it to you? My cousins had a great experience dealing with Petro Hawk I do not know what to make out of this please help? 

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I'd much rather have Petrohawk drilling a well for me than BEUSA. What Petrohawk is seeking is a right-of-way. Do a search of the archives using right-of-way as the key word and you will find a wealth of information in numerous discussions. Good Luck.
Thank you so much for your help... I will search now.
Thank you so much for your help. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well... :)
Awesome! Thank you for your recent feedback. I will share this.... :)
Keep checking back here for replies Rozzy. Some folks check in after work.

This is, by far, the best place on the Web to find good info. Our blog has industry people and ordinary mineral owners like us. Lots of real experts and a few rookies, like me. Overall, I don't think I have ever seen anyone ripped off or steered wrong here.

I hope you get a good amount and have a merry Christmas!

Thank you Logger for your comment. I have been a member here for a couple of years and you are correct this is the most reliable source to find information and I have not visited the site in so long due to deaths in my family and a major move to new city. I am back and I will try to stick in there this time because knowledge is power and I need more of it in this field. :( Thanks again and Merry Christmas...


I know that for many pipeline ROWs, people were paid $2500/acre in damages alone.  The ROW cost extra.

Thank you so much for the info Henry...

Rozzy- you used the term "cut through".  Is your land heavily wooded like mine is?  The last time I went through this was with Kinder-Morgan.  They wanted a ROW through a stand of old growth pine.

It's impossible to get a logging company to show up with heavy enough equipment to harvest these huge logs on a 10 acre ROW, but as related to Henry's post I was able to get them to pay me for the estimated vale of the timber that was destroyed and which was far more than $2,500.00/acre. The ROW fee was on top of this.

It's really a bad idea to take the first offer, especially if you are in a strategic postion.





Benny yes it is overgrown land with trees and just a real mess... We sold tember on our land I need to contact my aunt so she can give an update on the current shape of the land. Thank you for your advice I will pass this on to my siblings...


If Petrohawk wants to cut a road through your land, here's what you need to be thinking about.  Money is not the only thing.  That road will be there for the next 50+ years.  I have no idea what is on your land, and whether or not people live near the road.  But you need to think about that.  Do you want to limit the hours of traffic?  You might grant them 24/7 access while the well is being drilled, but only daytime access after that -- just to limit noise.  You might consider requiring them to maintain the road to certain standards.    You might wish to choose the site of the road, if there is anything already on the property that you want the road to go near or to stay away from.

My family learned, the hard way, that these agreements are nearly forever.  Almost 50 years ago, my ancestors let a company lease a few acres on our land for $1000.  It is still an eyesore today.  We are having one heck of a time getting the gas company off, much less getting them to restore the land.  So, make sure you have provisions for what happens 50+ years from now, when the well is plugged.  Do you want the land restored or do you want to keep the road.  Have a very clear, explicit statement of what triggers the end of the ROW.  Put in a clause that they must file a release at the courthouse when the ROW ends.  Think ahead -- your kids will be dealing with this in 50 years.  Make it easy for them.


 Good points made. My grandfather was approached years ago from oil companies and when they begin drilling my grandfather walked outside with a rifle and told them to leave. The drill was never completed and the company plugged and rendered the property dry and abandoned. I do not know what happened to make my grandfather change his mind. Back then, everything was pretty much agreed upon by a simple handshake. No activity has taken place on our 166 acre land since July 5, 1956.  I am glad he stopped them otherwise we would be dealing with such an eyesore now my family needs to put their heads together to find a reasonable means of dealing with the oil companies... Thanks again for your thoughts...



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