In the last ten years I've learned a lot about our family's mineral interest but the "Pewitt Unit" stumps me.  I hope that some of the gurus on this site will help us and the hundreds who have interests in this unit understand how it evolved and how it works.  

     Ratification documents I have in my file from the late 70's refer back to 1940's leases, so this is an old field although there have been new wells produced in it as recently as 2009 (I use that date as that's the most recent DO in my files).   This unit is located around Joaquin and partly into  Panola County also, but mostly located in Shelby County according to a 2004 map I have from then operator, KCS resources.    We get payment on a lot of units including the names Pickering Lumber Co., Rushing, OL Guy, DR Taylor and JW Childress to name just a few.  

    I'll start by asking:  what is a non-contiguous unit?  and does one have mineral interests in each well unit area from which payment is received?   

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Yes the Pewitt Unit is a non-contiquous voluntary unit.  All of the original lessors agreed to a clause in their leases which allowed all of the leases to be unitized and share in production from any wells drilled on any of the leased lands. 

Thank you for asking this question. Do your records indicate that Amplify and Brookston now are the companies involved. I am trying to figure out if XTO still plays a role. 

LDH- In addition to those two operators I also have a few wells in that unit that Bowles Energy is the payor.  

Thanks for the information. I am taking care of my Mother's estate and trying to figure out why XTO sent her a new number if they sold all their Pewitt interests. I will look for Bowles Energy.

Glad to be of help.  I do wonder if anyone more knowledgeable can tell us this:  does one get paid on all wells within the non-contiguous even if one has leased acreage in only part of the unit?  I thin

k the answer is yes, but I don’t know for sure.


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