Does anyone know the status of this well? In October 2008 a Petrohawk press release said they would reloease results by the end of 2008 - but no news.

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Lime not shale being the operative word.

Lime, shale, sandstone, etc... Monster wells are monster wells!

And these CV Lime wells are even more impressive because (1) they're vertical and (2) haven't shown the decline rates of shale wells.

The CV Lime doesn't even cover a fraction of the amount of acreage of the HS, but for those fortunate to be in its area, it's big news.
Does anyone know what the nearest town is regarding this well?
Not positive but I am thinking Tenaha.
That's the one
If this is correct OilVoice (on the web) may be fairly accurate.

"The wells that have been drilled , drilling and permitted indicate a more of a Northeast to Southwest direction into Texas. This sets up Shelby,Sabine and San Augustine counties to be very active in this play.More likely it will be Devon or XTO to step out and prove up this deeper part of this play."

But who knows...........?
CHK's Harvey well will be a good one to watch concerning the above and that general area of Shelby County.
If you look at XTO's latest presentation map(sorry I can't post here) there is a part of NW Shelby County that they excluded from their Haynesville Shale map. Most of Shelby however is included in everyon's map that I have seen
My guess on XTO, is the blank is due to them not having any acreage in the NW part. The majority of XTO's (Hunt) acreage was in the southern part of the county with some additional legacy HBP stuff up around Joaquin.
No on the blank thought, others have and have had a similar interpretation, that being that the NW 1/4 to 1/3 of the county is not in the shale window.
Anybody heard of activity in James Rowe Survey?
i read in a report that xto already has a deep h-well in shelby county and plan to do a couple more by the end of the year. ive looked over t.r.c. website pretty good and cant find any horizontal activity by xto. i did find several horizontal wells near shelby and nach. county lines but these appear to be james lime. sure wish there was an offical list of names for the zones that everybody would have to go by. would cut down on confusion. has anybody heard of an xto deep horizontal that is already in production?


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