Does anyone have any updates on petrohawk well 240666 or drilling on section 12 township13 north range 12 west desoto parish -is there any activity on this site like DRILLING?

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Petrohawk well #240666
COMPLETED 8-5-10; GAS; HAYNESVILLE RB; 10,521 MCFD; 18/64 CHOKE; 530 BWD; 90# FP; 8610# CP; PERFS 12,880-17,422' MD

This well has a surface location in sec.13 and a BHL in sec.12. Royalty for well #240666 will be paid to mineral owners of section 12.
Hmmmm.......I wonder when? Let me know if you hear of any updates.
Thanks for the info!
Penny, this is one of Petrohawk's restricted flow rate wells and would have tested at 15 - 20 MMcfd on a more traditional choke size.

Petrohawk, Matthews 12 #H1 Well, Serial #240666, S13(12)-T13N-R12W, Red River Parish, 10521 Mcfd, 18/64" Choke, 8610 psi Flowing Pressure

I see that the SONRIS scout report list 90# FP (flowing pressure) and 8610# CP (casing pressure). I'm not clear on the difference between flowing pressure and casing pressure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
FXEF, sorry but I think it is just a case of someone putting information in the wrong spots on the form. 90 psi is way too low of flowing pressure and would never be able to flow at that rate with that pressure. The 8610 psi is closer to the typical well in this field with a reduced choke size.

It was odd that the well was shown to have tubing installed as most HS wells produce thru casing for the first few months.
Les My relative asked me to ask someone if there lease in t 17 range 14 sec 31 or 32 will get drilled before their lease runs out?
JA, I would say there is a low probabilty of wells being drilled in those two sections in the near future. There has not been any Haynesville Units formed or wells permitted for that area which would seem to indicate it will be some time before any drilling would occur.

I thought the 90# FP maybe a typo. If I understand correctly, without production tubing the casing pressure is the flowing pressure, however with production tubing installed the casing pressure will be slightly higher than flowing pressure in the tubing.
FXEP, you are correct that before tubing is installed well has a an FCP (flowing casing pressure) rather than an FTP (flowing tubing pressure) but it can seem to get mis-reported in some cases.

After tubing is installed the casing pressure should be a very low number (such as 90 psi) because the casing at the surface (where pressure is recorded) should be isolated from the reservoir pressure by a downhole packer assembly.
I just learned from my aunt in Louisiana that Petro Hawk bought out the old BEUSA, Energy lease from my family and they want to pay us $2,500 per acre to cut through our land in an effort to place wells elsewhere. They are asking for 3.8 or 4.8 acres to cut through. They also want to drill horizontally. I am not an expert in this topic, but this doesn’t sound right does it to you? My cousins had a great experience dealing with Petro Hawk I do not know what to make out of this please help?
Rozzy, I do not have experience with compensation for surface access such as your case so you may want to post on the main page.

Almost all the Haynesville Shale wells are drilled horizontally but are completed are produced from a single section (unit). If you know the section-township-range of the land I can tell you some more about the activity in the area by Petrohawk.
Thank you Les, I checked the SONRIS website but no activity since 1956. Petro Hawk just purchased the lease from BEUSA about a month ago. I will post on the main thanks again for responding...


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