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James, that section lies almost on top of the 4 Bcf EUR contour which marks the border of Petrohawk's "core" area in the Haynesville Shale.

Petrohawk has drilled two good Haynesville Shale wells just northeast of you in the Cedar Grove Field.

Petrohawk, Grayson 24 #H1 Well, Serial #239789, S25(24)-T17N-R13W, Bossier Parish, 7231 Mcfd, 14/64" Choke, 8004 psi Flowing Pressure
Petrohawk, Grayson 25 #H1 Well, Serial #239822, S24(25)-T17N-R13W, Bossier Parish, 7345 Mcfd, 14/64" Choke, 7811 psi Flowing Pressure
Les, thanks. I'm watching a petrohawk in sec. 34 that is drilling north into 27 Well # 240478.
They started drilling May 18 so maybe they will hit and then drill one south.
Where does T14N R8W S22 fit in the map?
Bruce, that section is just 1 mile east of Petrohawk's 4 Bcf EUR contour and just outside of their "core" area. That could change because there has not been any Haynesville Shale wells drilled in that immediate area.
Les, thanks for the information. We had a lease with Chesapeake for 3 years with a 2 year p\option which they did not renew. I will keep watching to see where it goes.
Les, do you have a link to Encanna's and CHK's map of their projected core area?
Shaleeee, you can see a collection of maps at the following link.


The EnCana maps are part of a March 16th presentation.

Les, I really like Comstock's map, but what are the odds its the one that's accurate? lol
Great - thank you Les.
This map is hard for me to read, even with glasses, lol. Does this map also include Section 14 Township 14N Range 8west and if so is it looking like it will be a good spot?
JDG, that section is outside Petrohawk's "core" but I wouldn't worry because other maps indicate this area could potentially be productive in both the Haynesville Shale and Bossier Shale. Additional drilling results will give a clearer indication of the potential.
Thanks Les! Now does it matter that the land is in Castor? Bienville Parish.


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