The correct abbreviation for the Haynesville is HA, not HS.

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e.g. I think
er go I dunno
That's it, SharonB - i.e. and e.g. I'd never heard of e.g. until I read about it last week.
Rosebud, it sounds like you have been watching "Get Shorty" again.
Oh, me! LOL!
egergo I think I don't know
starting to sound like a latin lesson here.
I took two years of Latin. I remember "et" and "pueri"!! LOL! At one point I did have a toga though - for a party!!

Back to "Get Shorty"!!
I guess its the little things that bother me the most. Like the difference between cement and concrete. I suppose that when you work in a world where everything is abbreviated (ever try to read a drilling report?), you become sensitive to someone trying to change those abbreiviations.
What is the difference between cement and concrete?
Concrete is made of cement and aggregate (rocks). The bulk is aggregate. The cement holds everything together. Kind of like the marshmellow in a rice krispie treat. You don't look at a rice krispie treat and say ohh a marshmellow, just like you shouldn't look a sidewalk and say its cement.
I honestly did not know that. I've heard of concrete and cement all my life but always thought they were the same thing.
2 words------------- thicker skin. Your'e gonna need it when dealing with those of us that DON'T work in your world!


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