What does it mean when a well is potentialled?

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"Initial allowable"?
How long after the granted allowables is it before a well starts producing, typically?
Good news. Thanks.
Hardage, information indicates wells have been allowed to flow into the sales pipeline while waiting to be granted an allowable by the State.
So, is this what it means on SONRIS Scout Report when it is listed as WOSP (Waiting On State Potential)? One of my wells is posted as "Potentialed on 5/20/2010" and listed as WOSP. If I am reading these posts correctly, it is flowing and being sold to market. Let me know if I am understanding this correctly.
Yes, Sonris has it potentialed on 5/20/2010. I wasn't very clear with my question. Sorry about that. My question is if the gas is flowing and going to market?
Donna, just remember that both Sonris and the Scout Report can be way out of date. A well could be flowing to sales for months and still shown as WOSP.
Thank y'all so much for helping me to understand. This a whole new world for me.

You and me both. This is both exciting and confusing .
I had potential. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am....

Sorry, I'm sitting here looking at "well potentialed" on my well for over a month with no info, too.
Mac, I'm feelin' ya!!!


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