Questar announced they are selling everything that is not Permian.  Look for either a new entry PE group or a bolt on acquisition by one that is already in the Haynesville.  If/when CHK sells, the playing field will have totally turned over.


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Considering the location/quality of QEP's acreage, I would expect a bolt on.  I don't think their acreage would be of interest to PE. Tellurian might be interested.


Questar is - Woodardville?  Can't remember; figured you would know.

Yes, but they have bits of other surrounding fields in the northeast corner of the play area.  Think east side of Bossier City east to Lake Bistineau (Bienville Parish) and then south to just short of Coushatta. According to the Research Director, Lower 48 Upstream for Wood Mackenzie who presented at the DUG Haynesville Conference in Shreveport last week, that area has the highest break even price and the lowest IRR of all the rock on the LA side of the play.  He used a blob map and labeled that whole portion of the play, Woodardville.


OK, that jives with what I remember - pay starts getting sparse and faults out sometimes unpredictably in that direction.  From what I recall, Petrochem drilled out several wells in that area and then turned the proved up portions to QEP...  But they were pushing out to the edges while they were doing that.  KB was out in that direction, yes?

Petrohawk drilled some pretty good early wells out around the upper end of Lake Bistineau but they just didn't last.  That part of the play has seen little action since those early unit wells.  Up until recently QEP drilled no new wells but they did run a refrac program.  Yeah, I think you are right about KB's minerals being somewhere out in that general area.


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