Anyone have any ideas on this one? Is this just a search mission.

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Lisa, the well is permitted to the 6800 Wilcox.  If you join the Rapides Parish group and look in the Comments section on the main group page, you will see several posts about the well.  Use this link:

Seems as if progression of leasing and/or drilling is moving westward.  I'm in T2N R3W and was leased in 90's by Chesapeake. Will see how this one on boyscout rd does.

Opinions seem to favor the impression that this is a prescription well.  If so, it will not create any new leasing efforts.

D&D Drilling Rig #5 spud the Gordon Holdings #1 on Thursday, 8/23/18.

That's interesting.

Still with TD above the AC / deeper will get in into Lower Wilcox Sands 

If this is indeed a prescription well, why would the operator need to amend the permit to a deeper depth.  Threat of litigation, possibly?  You never know who is reading these discussions.

Could be - I would not be surprised if the revised depth corresponds to the some historical production depth in the area / operator wanting to get to that point for whatever reason. TD extension on 2-4 days of additional drilling depending on the rig capabilities and related issues.

I do know this piece of property is lawyer owned out of Shreveport, LA!   Just really strange that they chose this random piece of property in the middle of no where.  That until rig signs popped up I had no clue as to any interest in this area again.   Also no wells in my 50 year life time has been drilled this far west towards the Melder, LA area.

Jay's research on nearest Wilcox production tosses out my idea. Thanks for that info.

Could this still be a prescription well if 7000/8900 depth is not an issue just as long as permitted before 8/31/18? Or could this be a test well?

It a surface owner threatens to litigate the issue of whether a prescription well meets the state requirements, the party drilling the well must make sure to do so in a manner that can be defended in court as a good faith attempt to complete an economic well.  So if the ability to claim the formations from the surface to 7000' as potentially economic is iffy then it is better to go a little deeper to a formation with a better history of producing paying volumes in that vicinity.



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