It has been a while but is re-fracking dead or is dead because of the market prices?  Thanks

i owe a lot to this natural gas discovery as it gave me 8 great years before retirement.  I remember thousands and thousands of dollars of supplies and equipment.  The Haynesville shale was busy busy busy!!!!

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Re Fracing is still being done - just not a lot of press as to results.

Thanks as it seems very cost effective if profitable.

Last I heard the cost per well was about $4M.  That's been several years ago.  Questar/QEP re-fracked a good many of their wells before they sold out to Aethon.  I don't run across many re-fracks since tQEP divested their Haynesville assets.  I think re-fracks still occur but not often enough for me to run across them.


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