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Keith, check you video.  It is unavailable.

for some reason the first one wouldn't let me embed, the link will work...

Very nice.  What sort of device (drone) did you use and was a GoPro attached?

I don't know but I want one!

What I see in the video and other pictures are houses and structures built in the flood plain behind the levee!  I can not believe how utterly stupid that is.  You will note the other side of the levee is high and dry, protected from flooding by the levee.  As the son of a Civil Engineer and one who grew up in Pointe Coupee Parish, I know full well of the dangers of building in the flood plain.  You might get away with it for 30 or 40 years, but there is a reason for the levee.  It is the demarcation point from safe to risky.  All of those folks including the Sheriff took a risk and are now paying for it.  I hope they had flood insurance but I am not so sure the government would sell it to them being inside the flood zone.

Lower Red River is in for a ride.  There will be plenty of flooding down that way, but it is all land those folks know full well can flood.  When the water reaches the Atchafalaya River, it will head south to the Gulf.  Recent opening of the Morganza Spill showed a tremendous amount of water can be absorbed by the great Atchafalaya Swamp.  BTW, the Atchafalaya levee stops just below Krotzspings (US 190).  All of those roads are elevated and will stay clear of flooding.  All of Pointe Coupee Parish is protected from flooding.   Krotzsprings has a ring levee around it, so it is protected.

Talk about timing.  The developer of the River Bluff subdivision (where all those expensive homes are flooded) is running for DA.  I wonder if any of his opponents may point out his poor judgment?

I just crossed Spanish Lake North of Natchitoches on I-49 and it is the highest that I have ever seen.

Well I have seen water in that area before.  Seems like it was worse when I saw it about six or seven years ago.   I travel down I-49 three or four times a year.  The water there is result of local rains and not the Red River.  I am equally sure the Red River will make worse.  I always note the cell phone towers have all the base station equipment up on pilings.  The know about high water.  I wonder if Cane River will rise, I would suppose so.  There is no way for Texas to stop the flow, all the lakes here including Texoma are full to capacity.  So any rain we may get will just make it worse.



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