Refracked well in DeSoto (HA RA SU60;TUCKER 31-6HC)

The uptick in production on this well is significant: Note there are two 03/01 entries. Anyone have any more information on this well and adjoinging wells?

03/01/2019 617150 1 0 0 106,510 0 0 DE SOTO
02/01/2019 617150 1 0 0 5,052 0 0 DE SOTO
03/01/2019 616372 5 0 0 860,851 0 0 DE SOTO
02/01/2019 616372 3 0 0 51,205

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There are double entries because there are two units. 617150 for Section 6 - 13N-15W ( 2 wells reporting) and 616372 for Section 31 - 14N-15W ( 3 wells reporting).

Thanks, Skip.

You're welcome, David.

The uptick is due to the 2 new completions offsetting this well, I don't believe they refracked it.
I agree. Doesn't look like a re-frac. And no work order on file.

A family friend asked me to do a cursory check on mineral ownership in T13N-R15W Section 6 in DeSoto Parish, LA.  This post references same TRS I'm researching and mentions a unit  with two producing wells.  Any assistance that would describe the location of the unit in Section 6, history, operator, etc. would be appreciated, or point me in the direction where I might access more information would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Rebecca, that's a lot to ask.  Most of the data pertaining to your section 6 would be in the state O&G database, SONRIS.  Although we haven't updated in quite some time and there have been some changes to the database over time, a good place to start is the SONRIS Help sub-group here on GHS.  I'll put a link at the bottom of this reply.  Now as to mineral ownership, if there is a unit plat in the database it would have a list of all the mineral tracts, their owners and the acreage.  That would be in the Document Access portion of the database.  You can go to the SONRIS Data Access portion of the database to see the well file for each of the two wells mentioned.  You can find the dashboard for SONRIS through a simple Google search.

And, as always, Skip, you come through!  Thank you! Appreciate the great detail and your wealth of knowledge.

That's what Anna pays me the big money for, Rebecca.  :-)  You're welcome and let me know if you need any more help.


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