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Does anyone know the differences between Caddo Resources LLC, Caddo Resources GP, Caddo Resources LP and Caddo Resources Inc? I know that Richard McFarland was President of one and Rex Corey Jr is President of several others. Is there a connection between all of them? Caddo Resources LP (Rex Corey Jr) sold Goodrich Petrolem land for 32 million dollars. Has anyone had any dealings with either Richard McFarland or Rex Corey Jr? Also, does anyone know anything about Delta Interest in Marshall, TX? Thank you!

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Richard W. McFarland Jr. appears to have sold securities under several company names over the years. The latest of these is Delta Interest Inc. and Synterra Investments. Buyer BEWARE! He is under investigation by the FBI for an extremely large ponzi scam involving over 200 investors out of VA. He owes millions of dollars. He once owned Caddo Resources LTD until he filed bankruptcy. Let's all look out for one another.


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