Request to state to release mineral ownership back to surface owner

Say a surface owner wanted to seek mineral ownership from the state, (the state had acquired the minerals way back when because of unpaid taxes), and had petitioned for this to happen, is there a state website where this is tracked?  I am kinda thinking about something like the clerk of court listings that are in the local papers each week. 


I know that the state never gives them up once they are acquired but I would like to know if there is a website to monitor cases like this.  Thanks.

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No, the 3 year redemption period applies only to property that is sold to a third party at a tax sale. In regards to property that has been adjudicated, as long as the property remains in possesion of the state or parish and in never conveyed out, then there is no time frame for redemption. I have seen cases where property that was adjudicated to the state in 1910 was redeemed in 2009 and the minerals went back to the redeeming party.

It should be noted that anybody can redeem an adjudicated tract meaning that it does not have to be a blood relative that redeems the adjudicated property. The kicker is that title vests back into the party that lost the property at the tax sale and not the person that is redeeming the adjudicated tract. Therefore, if great-grandpa lost the property in 1910 for non payment of taxes and it was subsequently adjudicated to the state, then the redemption is made in great-grandpa's name. It is then the responsibility of the heirs of great-grandpa to perform the necessary probate work to get the property into possession of the current heirs of great-grandpa.
Thank you. very interesting.


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