On page 2B of Dallas Morning News, Friday, October 1, 2010.  Tarrant County woman files class-action lawsuit against subsidiaries of Chesapeake saying they shortchanged royalty owners in the Barnett Shale.  Lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City.


Lawsuit says Chesapeake should base royalties on the full market value of nat gas instead of 'fictitious' price it gets from a Chesapeake entity.


This is one to case to look at for you HS royalty owners who feel shortchanged!

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I need to clear a couple of thing sorry one check was for 2.00 the last check that was sunt to us was 19.00 the section is 18 13west and 15 north in mansfield la de soto parish. no one has given us a price for the wells there are two wells. the last check was from July 2010 and August 2010 (19.00 dollars)
Thanks for your support and help, I will use the information that you have given and the number, please keep in touch KP
b>There are ar 2 wells on the property section 18 township 12 north range 15 west. we are on a lease with BEUSA, the cost fee of royalties are on the check I called BESA and spoke with the Land Mangement person, I cant find out if there numbers match (wells test) with Office of Conservation. Do you have cost-free royalties? (I dont know what this means) Yes this is the price for july and august. We received on a 19.00 dollar check I need help thanks KP
Hi there are 2 wells de soto parish section 18 t 13 north and range 15 west. the check for July was 19.00 dollars. We leased with BEUSA. I am not sure what cost free royalties are, (could you please explain) Thanks KP
I sent you a friend request. Please accept it and we can correspond and get your data to me.
Thank you I get that information. have a great day
Hi! I work in Chesapeake's Haynesville Corporate Development department, and I'm so sorry this has been a hassle for you. I apologize you haven't found the Call Center to be helpful. If you would accept a friend request from me, we can exchange contact information and I can try to help.

Hello Katie, I don't know if you pressed some magic button in your office or what, but someone from J. Mark Smith & Assoc called me within a couple of hours of my posting here. He said he was taking over the job of filing the papers with Chesapeake and that it would be taken care of this time for sure. Thanks for your help!
That's wonderful! Please don't hesitate to let me know if you hit a snag again. Best of luck!


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