Has anyone seen posts about what the associated risk (if any) is with the Sabine Island, i.e. is it higher risk due to more shallow formations? Does it make any difference for oil and gas potential? Are deposits "squeezed" out to surrounding formations as a result of the uplift?

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You might check out this link Alongview posted on the Sabine Country site.

It looks like some new Haynesville Shale wells in San Augustine County are off the edge of what this discussion defines as the Island. It does look like the Haynesville is pinched but crest the Island. It also looks like the smackover pinches out. I like to hear from the presenters. They are facalty at UT Austin and will be on the podium at a meeting in New Orleans in April.
I've posted about Sabine Island a couple of times.

I've got interest in the Milam area and have been concerned about Sabine Island pinching me out of production. The best recent news is Lacy Operating's well doing 700+ bbl of oil per day plus natural gas.

Here is a December 09' link with a map: http://www.gohaynesvilleshale.com/group/sanaugustine/forum/topics/d...


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