Does anyone have any completion information on the Sacagawea unit? My mom was a Whitton and own a large amount on the unit. Have been offered $16,000/ Ac 

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LOL!  Congrats on your non-mail box money.  EnergyLink and Direct Deposit rock.

Sure does... always like when I when my phone says, "you got mail" and it turns out to be, "you got money"  LOL

Those first checks for a well are like Christmas!! Lots of waiting before the prize comes in!


Be thankful you aren't in the Permian where gas prices are next to nothing right now in many areas (or negative)

Does anybody know why there is never production reports for Sacagwea unit #2 and #4?

Does anybody know why there's never production reports for Sacagawea #2 and #4?

Great question. I know the production data is in ENVERUS for all four wells - and they have to get the data from somewhere (normally Tx RRC).

Of course, when dealing with the Tx RRC site, never assume everything is up to date and accurate.

I think when there are stacked laterals, the RRC reports the has to the parent well.

Any info on Aethon's Sacagawea 5, 6, 7,and 8... and any additional Wells located off of that Pad? 

ENVERUS shows four new permits in this unit approved in July and August.

5H, 7H, 6 HB and 8 HB

Two rigs drilling at present / spud on Aug 2nd and 8th

Reason behind my asking is that I've had an 'unbelievable' offer to buy my Mineral Rights there... 

$30K...and everyone else has offered around $6K...

and leaves me wondering...

What do they know... or anticipate... the big WHY?

It is helpful to state the acreage total and the royalty fraction in addition to the location when asking questions of value.  $30k and $6k isn't enough. to comment on.

Yes, I have had several offers for just under 1.5 Million the last few weeks


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