I have been searching for some samples of demand letters. The one that I have found seems a little long. Can anyone tell me the main key details to include in a demand letter which will keep the letter short, brief, and to the point?

Which of the mineral codes should be included in the letter?

And if there are 5 other heirs, should they get included in the letter too? Or does each heir have to mail in their own demand letter?


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What is the purpose of this demand letter?

It is for Un-leased mineral interest.

ok, that still leaves a lot out there.


Are you in a unit?

Is there a producing well in this unit?

Are you sure you are a mineral owner?

Sorry about that.

The well is in a producing unit. The well has been producing since last January 2011. Yes, I am definitely sure I am a mineral owner. My grandfather had the mineral interest, but he is deceased.

Nevermind, I got your message


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