Has anyone else seen a delay in their payments from Companies Producing Wells from the last two months?

One month delay wasn't of much concern, but two months of no Payments from EOG or BP sort of caught my attention and before I start questioning them, I wanted to see if others were having the same issue? My payments from Nacogdoches, Rusk and Shelby Counties all were deposited... or I received checks from them. 

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Not in your area, but my EOG checks have been coming monthly like clockwork.

My monthly payments from Aethon have noticeably dropped since their January height.  February was about 2/3 of Jan., while March was about 1/3 of Jan.  All these are from production in mid-November 2021 to mid-January 2022, so was pre-Ukraine War (unless someone knew something early.).

Over that three-month period, what was the range in gas volumes? And gas prices?

Yup... my Aethon and EXCO dropped significantly as well... lack of Royalty Checks and reduced payouts really has me wondering and none of them are responding anymore. However it appears to be mainly San Augustine County where I am seeing the impacts... the other Wells in other Counties are still producing payout of Royalties. 

Volume declines? Take away issues with gas pipelines?

My checks for XTO's BSI Keydets have been almost nonexistent since last October.  Nat Gas Engineer has said that a workover rig and a coil-tube rig has spent a good bit of that time over the hole but the last report from them said that the BOP was off of it and the big tree was on it.  I've gotten a few checks in that time that looked like it was some kind of adjustments to past payments.  I'm just sick to my stomach that I haven't seen but a half of a months production of the gas since it has been north of $3.00.

Yup, saw on the Energylink site that there were a boatload of 'adjustments' within San Augustine on our Wells... wonder what is going on out there? I sent a query to Energylink to see what they say! Looking back through the records, I noted that the last payment I received from BP was back in January with another pending on the 20th of this month. Last check from any of the others was back in October of 2021 with Payouts Checks pending from them as well. 

The Royalty Checks from all five other Counties have been coming in regularly, just San Augustine seems to be the odd Duck... 

Guess just play the wait and see on it and wait on visit to Bass Pro/Cabela's to pick up fishing lures... LOL ><(((({ *,>

I would not expect much from EnergyLink as to explanation- they are just a reporting agency that ENVERUS / DrillingInfo owns. 

Answers lie in the statements - what sort of adjustments? Adding production fees, re-distributing gas volumes post processing, other tweaks?

Rock Man - Not sure what all of the adjustments were for, but I had fourteen plus and negative adjustments across the board... and they must read our Forum, because as of this morning.., it appears that I am almost caught up with all of my Royalty payments from San Augustine County... Deposits alone will give me enough to buy another nice Surf Fishing Rod and a bunch of Lures to go with it! Energylink is showing multiple other payments on the way... so I 'assume' that there was some sort of snafu with their accounting or something(?). 

Bill R - good to hear that you got your payments.

Could have been something as simple as Easter holiday impact to getting things sent out.

Or one person pushing a button! LOL

Take care and enjoy the new fishing rod!

We'd like a fishing report too. 

Will do with the fishing report... Surf Perch have been hitting really good here and the Razor Clamming has been awesome! 

Thanks for being a sounding board for questions! 


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