Has anyone else seen a delay in their payments from Companies Producing Wells from the last two months?

One month delay wasn't of much concern, but two months of no Payments from EOG or BP sort of caught my attention and before I start questioning them, I wanted to see if others were having the same issue? My payments from Nacogdoches, Rusk and Shelby Counties all were deposited... or I received checks from them. 

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If you want info from anybody the best email I have is 


Thank you Mister Sunday!

I will give my fish report if the Storms out here ever let me get out on the water again!  I am now using my Wheelbarrow as a Rain Gauge... we got a half barrel over the weekend!

Dang.  Sorry to hear.  Send that rain to California and the fishing report to me.  Thanks, Bill.

He said surf perch and razor clams, I thought he was in California.

You might be right MS.  If it's raining in California, I hope it's in the right places.  They need it.  Maybe send some New Mexico's way before they burn to a cinder.

I am in NW Oregon... we just broke our all time record for April with 7.75"... already working toward our May total... per my Rain Gauge, on the 1st we had 2"... on the 2nd we had 3.25" and today it was relatively calm with only .75 "... guess Central and Eastern Oregon are still stuck in the Drought mode too! 

Did make my run to Cabela's, picked up a new Fishing Rod, Reel and a bunch of Fishing gear to go with it. 

Sounds as if May is like April, you can just fish out your backdoor.  Crazy weather in the west.  Record rainfall and drought in the same state.  As we enter hurricane season down here, the cost of home insurance is going up, insurance companies are abandoning south Louisiana and federal flood insurance is about to triple or more over the next few years for most home owners along and south of I-10/I-12.  It is forecast to be an active season.

Yeah, saw they are predicting one heck of a Hurricane Season.

We just got a update on our next five days... I am in the Red

You and plenty of others, Bill.  Has your area experienced any flooding?  Is this generally speaking, your rainy season?

We have a lot of minor flooding, normally in the past ten years or so our major rainy season has ended, but it looks like we are back in our cycle from the 1970's. Our major flooding will happen if we warm up (we haven't broke 70 degrees) with all of this rain because it will cause a Snowpack melt in the Cascades and Coast Ranges. As of 08:00 this morning my Rain gauge has already recorded 1.25" overnight. 

How bad has the Pre-Hurricane season been out your way?

It's been a normal spring so far.  Other than the tornadoes and hail associated with the Spring clash of air masses, we usually have normal temps and rainfall.  NW LA gets its share of tornadoes but the areas just north and east usually get more twisters, greater damage.  Weather patterns do seem to be changing though.

One of the last hurricanes, I can't remember which since Louisiana has had four over the last year or so, was an outlier in that it did not degrade after landfall to the point that it lost its name before arriving here.  That was a wake up call for our far NW area of the state as many home owner's insurance policies do not cover damage from named storms.  The wind damage was significant and many home owners were denied claims for that policy provision.  Insurance is a big topic of conversation at this time in Louisiana.  The future does not look good.


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