Have been trying to find out if any drilling or plans on drilling in SEC 30 TWN 17 RGE 15. Have seen the 31 and 32 plans and those owners also got letters indication drilling. As of now I know of no one getting a letter indicating plans on Drilling in this area. Anyone with any info on this area would be appreciated.

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Understand. Nothing in section 30 is held in production. I think it was a 3 yr lease also so time in not a factor as of now. Im not sure either who has moast of the leases in 30. CHK and PETRO were the primary leasers bcak then. So they have to work things out I guess.Guess we will just have to waite and see. Thanks again LES.
OK I found it in Sonris.
The date was 11-02-09. Is there a way to find out where this well will be located or if the Drilling has started??
There is a well pad on Shirley-Francis rd. across from Simpson. Itis S32 and is the Tucker well. There are two new well pads on simpson rd next to the rig that is drilling S7 T16n 15W. The well pad for S32T17n is huge and is on Tucker land.
someone from chk came today to survey for sec20
Section 20? Hmm a ways away from 30 though.Good for the people in 20 though.:)


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