Please explain the process and function of a 3-D seismic survey.

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Sheila: if you have leased your land, I would highly recommend allowing them to shoot the seismic. It is relatively harmless and it will allow the scientists to pick drilling locations. Without seismic data, there will be a reluctance on the part of the companies to drill or at a minimum, it will postpone drilling as they will drill first in areas where they have seismic data.

Now if you only own a small portion of land, they can work around you. But, do you want a blast occuring 5 feet from your property line anymore than one across on your property? But guess what, you can't control that.

Again, I think its in your best interest to let them get the data that will allow for maximum opportunity for production from your acreage. That's what's needed to get the cash register ringing!!
Ask if they are going to use blasts or vibration trucks.
They of course claim that the dry holes clarified the seismic data, didn't they.
All, the answer to this really depends on a few important factors and whether you're talking about the "final" (i.e. best) processed dataset or any one of a number of intermediate datasets. It also depends on the type of seismic data acquired (e.g. 2D vs 3D; 2D can be processed faster but doesn't contain as much information as 3D....or whether the seismic data is "conventional" or "multi-component"). For small areas, conventional data can be available within 90 days after the program as Jim stated.

Interpreters of the seismic data typically want/need to integrate existing well and production information into the dataset in order to calibrate the seismic data to "reality" and make the best interpretation possible.
should you let someone do seismic testing? is it beneficial to a landowner, and how much is a fair price. trying to make a decision, and not sure what to do
SL, I think Mmmarkkk has offered good advice.....
Thanks, Auglaize. I went back and read, and you are right, he did have the info i was looking for.
I understood what they did, just was not sure if it would benefit as far as getting them to drill.
LOL! OK....I will give them the go ahead. :)


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