I have interest in a gas well in Shelby County since 2010 and it has produced royalties fairly well until 2018.  Part of my interests are with a company call Foundation Energy Mgmt and the other half began with Chesapeake.  The Chesapeake interest has gone through 3 owner changes. I just learned that the last company Weatherly Oil and Gas went through bankruptcy beginning in March 2019.  I just received a check for interest on the well from June 2019 to October 2019 and it is with a new company called Shelby Boswell Operator.  How can I determine what happened to my interest from Jan 2019 to June 2019.  I realize production is down on gas wells but I’m not sure where this 2019 interest is coming from as the other half interest held by the other company Foundation has not sent me any checks at all for 2019.  I’m very confused. 

Any help to track what is going on would be greatly appreciated.


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I looked up two or three of those old CHK wells on RRC and the P-4 says Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC effective June 1, 2019 on those so probably the same on your well. Have you tried talking to anyone at Weatherly or Shelby Boswell? Start with phone calls. You need the well Lease ID number handy before you start making calls. It should be on your pay stubs.

Weatherly Oil & Gas, LLC (512) 892-8930

Shelby Boswell Operator, LLC (713) 999-4318

Foundation Energy Management Owner Relations Help Desk has an e-mail form and a phone number.

According to Corporation Wiki... SND Operating, LLC (phone numbers at link) is the registered agent for Weatherly Oil & Gas, LLC with TX SOS.

Thank you for the information you provided. I do have some requests into two companies at this time but I figured with the holidays, it would take a few days to get a reply.  Just like most other things in life, keep trying to get an answer by making inquiries over and over.

i appreciate your time and help jffree1.

Sounds complicated - all I know is that Shelby Boswell bought a bunch of Weatherly's (formerly operated by Chesapeake) wells in Shelby - out of the bankruptcy court.  I don't know of a "Foundation", but it sounds like the 'Foundation' may be rotting down.  I don't know how Shelby Boswell is in the long term, but it IS the operator of the well at the Railroad Commission & it's always the same.  Optimism will make some NEW companies work/act right for some amt. of time & if it all works right in the end, they will be good to you!  


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