Shell not paying full half of production, Exco is paying half of RRC production reports.I have had many contacts with Shell since this began in March 2018,they have been pleasant and even admit there is an error but have not worked it out yet. Anyone else having problems getting all your Royalty ?

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Shell is paying me about 2/3 of what Exco is paying. The disparity does not appear to be due to price received for the gas. It appears that Shell is reporting lower volume than Exco. I don't know why that is the case. I got no response to a query I made to Shell last summer and haven't followed up.


I have had several responses from Shell, they are polite but not getting problem solved. It has been 10 months, had several problems with Exco but never longer than one month. I will follow up ever month, they owe me I know it and they know it.

James L. Williams & etx44,

I am having the same situation with Shell, also.   In an email I received back in October, they acknowledged that they owe me additional funds and will make an adjustment in some future check.  Well, it has not happened yet.   Shell is paying me about 75% of what Exco is paying.   They are very bad about returning phone calls and extremely slow in responding to emails

(2 - 3 Months).

I do not know what to else to do, Shell is not dealing square with us. My real fear is that we get a new well, and not get paid for all of the royalties.


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