Just a public "thank you" to Skip Peel, who's been so educationally helpful to this board. I've learned a great deal from him. And no, he did not ask me to write this nor do we have any business arrangement. I simply appreciate all the straightforward knowledge I can get as the up-and-down cycle of NG prices and leasing over the past year has been quite a learning curve. Best to all, MB

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When I get a chance to visit this site, I don't search for titles or headlines. I search to see what Skip Peel has had to say first. Nuff Said?
Skip is a definite asset to us. He is always the consumate gentleman.
He's really been a big help to a lot of people.
Skip is a sharp guy, he always has the latest news, thanks Skip.
Thanks, for all your help Skip.
A great big thank you Skip, The advice you gave me was VERY helpful and thank you for you patience. When
I get my problem with the O/G co. solved I will let you know the outcome and soon- I hope.
Skip, I couldn't agree more with the others members. Many thanks. Wow! How does it feel to have GHS groupies?
Skip (Hey U) :) U r a great asset to us all!!! It was great to meet u!!! Thanks alot for everything!!!
Thanks Skip----You have got a good straight forward way talking, that we can understand.
Well said MB. I've never had the honor to meet Skip but have enjoyed and learned a lot from his words of wisdom on GHS. Whenever I have asked a question, he has always been there to give me his perspective and I've always considered what he has to say very sage advice. His brief history of the haynesville shale is very informative and well-written and has always had me hoping in the back of my mind that someday he will write a book on this grandaddy of gas plays like only he can. Thank you for all you do Skip, God Bless.
Skip - Keep it coming so we can keep a well-rounded perspective of this play. :0) sesport
Hey Skip,
Thanks for all you have to offer. We really appreciate it. And last but not least, thanks for being a friend.


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