Long time family owned independent oil company based in Shreveport declares bankruptcy.


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Those were the days - -

Yep.  Borrowed money vs. just using your own cash flow can send you the the courthouse pretty quick no matter what basin/play you are in.  


Bored today so did some digging in Drilling Info on Sklar's operating wells.

Total of 84 wells with bulk (59) in Alabama.

Total gross production of 2555 BO & 6.7 MMCF per day.

91% of oil production and 55% of gas production from Alabama while 43% of gas production from Louisiana.

Only 9 wells in E Tx and 10 in Louisiana.

The bulk of Sklar's wells have been in Alabama over the last few years.  The Sklar name in all it's derivations and partnership forms still appears on over 300 Louisiana wells although only that handful is currently producing.  That doesn't count all the producing wells that they drilled and later assigned to other companies over the decades.  Good drilling opportunities have gotten scarce in Louisiana.


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