Could anyone tell me what the comment ( fishing coil tubing) means? It's the last reported comment on the marr well s22 11 15.

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They have lost some coil tubing downhole, they are trying to get it out.
Coil tubing is like a hose or flexible high strength pipe. It is used for many purposes, including treatments and cleaning out wells. Fishing is going after something lost or stuck in the hole. Basically some coil tubing is lost in the well and they are trying to retrieve it.
Was it called Hell Hole bayou before the well, or only after. LOL
What was the namee of the well? Beelzebub#1, Old Scratch#666, or raw deal#1
Jim, is this the same company currently "partnering" with Encana and using Encana's drilling expertise for HA wells?
Thanks to all for your comments. I quess we will have to wait and see what will happen. Hopefuly they will not abondon the well.
G Dawg, I'm with you on hoping they want abandon the well but they have been in there quite awhile.


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