(The Shreveport Times)
South Caddo residents protest Chesapeake drilling
May 14, 2009

Wielding signs decrying Chesapeake Energy Corp, wearing makeshift masks over their faces and displaying photos of cats, dogs and cows, about 15 demonstrators marched in front of the Regions Bank building in downtown Shreveport today, charging that the company is killing animals and causing illnesses.

Carrying signs with slogans like, “Fraud is Fraud I was cheated by Chesapeake and Goodrich”, “We’re at risk, please protect us”, “Toxic chemicals, dead cows, are we next”? the protestors descended on the building where Chesapeake’s local office is located.

“I want them to come out and be good, be honest and have integrity,” said C. C. Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, which claims 23,000 members. Canady started the group about two years ago after several residents of rural Caddo Parish complained that they were unfairly treated when asked to lease their mineral rights.

“We know Chesapeake isn’t going anywhere, but we want them to provide better living conditions for the people and animals in this community,” she said.

Canady and members of the group live in the south Caddo Parish area where 17 head of cattle died last month after, invegastigators say, they likely drank a substance that flowed from a natural gas well site and into a pasture. Analysis of the substance confirmed that it contained elevated chlorides, oil and grease and some organic compounds.
Canady say she witnessed some of the deaths and reported that the cows appeared to have swollen bellies.

She promises many more organized protests.

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Thank you, I haven't seen that report ... which is why I'm asking. I looked up sodium chloride as it was mentioned previously and a poster replied it was salt. We now know what the DEQ found in the puddle ... the veterinarian's report would show if that's what was found in the cattle.

FYI - I'm not the one making judgements or criticisms here, just looking for scientifically based answers.

Best - sesport :0)
Thanks again. I always read with that provervial grain ready & waiting. lol

BTW, I found that the same above link lists potassium chloride for hepatic treatments in cattle. But again, I'm not a veterinarian, I don't know what constitutes a lethal dose.


from the EPA, granted this is very generlized breakdown.
After reading through this thread, my first thoughts about the posts regarding the farmers and protesters are that the remarks are inflammatory at the least, malicious at the worst, and somewhere in between may lie defamation of character.

My thoughts about the demise of the cattle are where's the smoking gun? Here we've got rumor, speculation and circumstantial events. How does one get to proof beyond doubt?

Now one thing the protesting group might want to consider is, while it is within their right to protest, why would they go against the advice of good legal counsel and discuss their "business" publicly?
why would they go against the advice of good legal counsel and discuss their "business" publicly?

Because they are morons.
In some O/G states, such as Wyoming, Colorado, TX, NM etc. the local community colleges and some universities offered classes concerning the oilfield. The state provided these for the community as well as offering their residents job opportunities. These classes were often taught by O/G employees (some bitching and moaning because they were drafted) to teach a class or two during a semester. The classes consisted of oilfield terminolgy, chemicals involved and accident training - how to avoid accidents as well as responding to them. Also, O/G companies conducted saftey classes every week showing a lot of movies involving different types of accidents.

The saftey of the community and it's residents is a shared responsibility. LA has been an O/G state for a long time; surely they provide this same type of information and service. If not, it might be a good idea to approach them about it. I am sure there are a lot of qualified teachers on this site who could help out.
This may demonstrate what is in the fluids, not sure if it would do so conclusively. Still need to know what is in the cattle beyond a doubt. Still all circumstantial.
Clarification by KSLA and investigation re-opened.

Thank you ... I also question the story about the 4 or 5 day old calf that was transported past the well site and later died. The owner suggested that the calf breathed contaminated air, but whoever was driving the truck that transported the calf apparently wasn't affected?

Wildlife & fisheries reporting any unusual number of deer, racoons, etc. that they're finding dead in the vicinity?

Like I said, I have no doubt that something unusual happened to the cattle. The question remains by whom and fromf what.
Got any idea when this was filed & a docket number?



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