I signed a contract with Global Geophysical the later part of 2009. They laid the line out but in May of 2010 they picked their lines up without doing any work. Please tell me how long the contract is good for. Thanks for the information!

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I have been dealing with Global for months, they laid out the lines and shot the seismic, and are shooting in another area as we speak in Webster. "BEUSA shoot" I have yet to be paid, I am told that they have 2 of 3 checks and are waiting on the third. I have sent them a breakdown of ownership and amout of check for each family member and as far as I know they have not gotten it right. I will let you know when I get paid. My agreement was for one year.
Terry would you mind sharing the S/T/R and the other area in Webster they are shooting?

Here is a copy of the Elm Grove Project I printed from Global's website on 6.5.10. The website has changed their graphics since then. I believe they are working on phase two. A lot of folks in South Webster have been contacted for this leg of the shoot. I really hate the "BEUSA tag." Anyways, the scan is really grainy- sorry. The x marks str 20.18.10


I am in 33/18/10 , and have not heard from them yet.. I did get the letter back in May, but that is all so far...
Thank you Taylor for the map and the location. I am s31/t19n/r10w so they are getting closer with their seismic shoots to me. Good luck with everything down your way!


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