Stalemate in Washington Will Likely Lead to Obama Compromise in Favor of Natural Gas

The quagmire in Congress today, which supposedly included several key Democrats, is the first real sign that Obama is going to have to back off of his aggressive "GO GREEN" initiative, at least to the extent of cutting back on "Cap and Trade" legislation, exotic alternative fuels, etc.

Just my opinion, but unless this young President can pull a huge rabbit out of his hat, he will get a taste of his biggest opposition yet.....forget the bailouts and stimulus package issues, this will become a time bomb if he doesn't come to the center.......and, that center is natural gas as a primary focus. We all know it's a clean burning fuel, in great domestic quantity, and generally has the infrastructure in place to have an immediate impact on both "green initiatives" and promoting new business opportunities for the auto industry and electricity generation. Between "clean coal" (which I believe we need as well) and NG, this is the only logical "CHANGE" that would make sense for the Obama administration to embrace......not too late for him to "lead, rather than follow"......we'll see!! Hope I'm right!

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the solution to all of this:
find a way to use natural gas to make coal burn cleaner!!
I'm not convienced the Obama administration can see two feet in front of it's face unless it's to spend money on traditional liberal social programs and increase taxes. As far as I can see, nothing positive has been acomplished by the Obama administration yet. It seems they have totally ignored NG.

But, I hope you are right about the change.
Agree, Intrepid.......I have my doubts....but, it's nice to hear that he may have finally run into a huge roadblock on his energy proposals. My comments are that he would be very smart to evolve quickly over to the NG camp, something he's only given a small amount of lip-service thus far. He will likely be forced to go there, which is fine with me.....he and his henchmen need to be served a little bit of humble pie. Right now, they're running completely "unchecked".
Humble pie indeed...let's hope. It amazes me that we have this resource, NG which will help us gain independence from foreign oil. Liberals are just against O&G companies, period. They all think they are the reason for astronomical profits. They will soon wake up. Peak oil is the reason for these obcene profits. The next few years should be interesting times if we have a recovery. Surely more humble pie is coming.
Hi there Intrepid,

Please list the "traditional" liberal social programs and amounts that Obama has proposed spending on;

Please list the tax increases, if any, that Obama has proposed and WHO will pay them and the amounts each payor is expected to pay.

Please examine the stimulus package (which I am sure you have not) and see if there are $ for NG vehicles, NG refueling, NG buses (see Shreveport).

You have more support for NG than most people realize. Ask Harry Reid, N. Pelosi, R. Emanuel. You need to realize that this ain't Republican vs. Democrat. THIS IS COAL VS. NG!!!!

Who do you think cap and trade benefits? NG or Coal?
Hey W.R.

We aren't making this up. Here it is

45% or $357B for federal social programs or federal spending programs. Surely you agree that the government is the worst at spending money in a responsible way. The taxing may not have started yet, but we will suffer from it as well as our kids and their kids.
Hey, w.r.,

I stated my opinion and observation just like you can and instead me of answering your questions I'll wait on you to do that while you can also list all the support that Obama has given to NG and maybe you can convince me that he knows what he is doing. So far, he hasn't done very well at it.
IMO, the President is at the end of the line with his veto power. It's the legislature, and the Waxman/Markey legislative hearings where the debates & decisions are made. Yes, the ARRA favors renewables, but I think the Republican Plan B is/was too favorable toward nuclear power. And they both were leaning toward hybrid electric personal vehicles. The legislative committee needs to get ng into their heads first.
Where is the Nat Gas Lobby? I don't see anybody outside of Boone pushing hard for Nat Gas like you see with clean coal. I used to see television commercials for gas prior to the elections and now all you see on tv is clean coal. Somebody who knows about it has to sell them on it. Congress hears Obama talk about clean coal and that is where the herd mentality starts and their education stops.

Have you signed the petition on GHS?
yes. I signed it right away.

Great. I'm wondering why more people haven't.


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