Stalemate in Washington Will Likely Lead to Obama Compromise in Favor of Natural Gas

The quagmire in Congress today, which supposedly included several key Democrats, is the first real sign that Obama is going to have to back off of his aggressive "GO GREEN" initiative, at least to the extent of cutting back on "Cap and Trade" legislation, exotic alternative fuels, etc.

Just my opinion, but unless this young President can pull a huge rabbit out of his hat, he will get a taste of his biggest opposition yet.....forget the bailouts and stimulus package issues, this will become a time bomb if he doesn't come to the center.......and, that center is natural gas as a primary focus. We all know it's a clean burning fuel, in great domestic quantity, and generally has the infrastructure in place to have an immediate impact on both "green initiatives" and promoting new business opportunities for the auto industry and electricity generation. Between "clean coal" (which I believe we need as well) and NG, this is the only logical "CHANGE" that would make sense for the Obama administration to embrace......not too late for him to "lead, rather than follow"......we'll see!! Hope I'm right!

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Good question. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe there is a way to kick everyone off the site that doesn't sign it. Kidding of course but it seems like signing a petition is a simple yet powerful way to support the gas that we all have an interest in, directly or indirectly.
Excellent point, ALongview.
ALongview - I found this when I was checking on some of the people that testified at the Waxman/Markey legislative hearings.

And Federal Tax Credit/Incentive is already in place for tankless hot water heaters.

But I agree that ng is still only getting nods & lip service right now. Maybe E&P isn't pushing it right now because of prices? Just my guess.


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