I recently noticed Fenstermaker surveying along LA 155 in Ashland near a P & A'd well location.  Don't know anything official, but possibly doing a well site survey.  Fenstermaker does a lot of layout work for Encana.  This is in a section that Chesapeake unitized pre-HA for Cotton Valley.  Way out of Chesapeake's current range though.  Will keep an eye on it.

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Les B,
I played in the Ashland gym, too, as few times (as a Coushatta Choctaw).
RRG, I forgot to mention I too was playing for a rival high school rather than Ashland.
Les B,
Coushatta, Martin, or Hall Summit High?
RRG, Martin Red Devils!!!
I work for Fenstermaker. Give me a section/township/range and i'll tell you who we are there for.
Hi Chris -

Sec. 18, T-13-N, R-6-W.

Thanks so much for your help!

Its for Chesapeake
Is it a well location?
The survey on hwy.155 near ashland is for sec.17 and maybe sec 8- 13n-7w
I'm wondering if any of you folks working in the industry have any idea whether HA or deep CV wells are in the foreseeable future for my old family land in 17-18N, 7W. We have had several older shallower wells on the property (or part of a unit) but they have just about petered out. Not having a lot of hope but still wondering if there's a chance there ? Thanks in advance.


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